Tackling neglect

Councillor Hermann Vorster believes everyone deserves to live in a clean, healthy and well maintained community. His proactive inspections ensure local parks, reserves and facilities remain in top condition. While he secures significant funding to clean up previously neglected areas, typically inherited from developers. He rolls up his own sleeves and invites the community to participate in regular clean ups, hard rubbish collections and working bees at local community and sporting clubs.


Recent highlights

  • Restored the neglected Lone Pine War Memorial at Orpheus Park — and renamed the park to Lone Pine Park.
  • Renovated the Varsity Lakes entry statement at the intersection of Varsity Parade and Christine Avenue.
  • Funded repairs to the entry statement to Varsity Sound.
  • Funded extensive garden renovations at Riverwalk to lift amenity and restore prestige to the estate.
  • Funded major renovations at Robina Island Park following regretful but necessary tree removals.
  • Pushed for punitive fees and charges to deal with abandoned shopping trolleys littering parks, roads and waterways.
  • Removed noxious weeds and rehabilitated the creek surrounding the local cricket ground.
  • Renovated gardens at the entrance to Robina State School to enhance street appeal and boost community pride.
  • Created a beautiful feature garden between Robina Town Centre and Riverwalk (opposite the Post Office) to address sediment run-off and deter trolley abandonment.
  • Led a crackdown on abandoned supermarket trolleys littering streets in central Robina