Easing traffic congestion

Councillor Hermann Vorster has fought against developer interests to help secure a better deal for local residents.

He has secured funding for overdue intersection upgrades and lobbied for sensible measures to make the most of our local roads.

His successful campaign delivered a massive reduction in public transport fares and an expansion of park and ride facilities.

Intersection upgrades

New traffic cameras


Cheaper public transport

Bus stop upgrades

Recent highlights

  • Lead a successful campaign to reduce public transport fares by an average of 30 per cent across the Gold Coast.
  • Successfully lobbied the State Government to provide additional permanent spaces at the Varsity Station park and ride.
  • Accelerated the signalisation of the Christine Avenue and Scottsdale Drive (Masters) intersection to ease congestion and provide safe pedestrian access.
  • Lobbied the State Government to address long running safety and congestion issues at the intersection of Bermuda Street and Christine Avenue (Christine Corner).
  • Oversaw the signalisation of the Cottesloe Drive and University Drive intersection to ease congestion and improve safety.
  • Constructed a dedicated turning lane into Beauty Point Drive from Ron Penhaligon Way to ease congestion and reduce the risk of rear ending.
  • Upgraded the Cheltenham Drive and Robina Parkway intersection to increase westbound turning capacity.
  • Installed traffic monitoring cameras at the intersections of: Markeri Street and Robina Parkway; Christine Avenue and Scottsdale Drive; Laver Drive and Cheltenham Drive; and Robina Parkway and Laver Drive to reduce unnecessary queuing.
  • Refurbished traffic signals at: Robina Parkway and Markeri Street; Assembly Drive and Varsity Parade; and Bayswater Avenue and Scottsdale Drive to reduce queuing and the risk of accident.
  • Secured one of only four trial sites for the Gold Coast bike sharing initiative serving Bond University and Varsity Lakes.
  • Delivered a secure storage facility for bicycles and scooters at the Varsity College senior campus to boost active school travel.
  • Upgraded the drop off area at Varsity College junior campus to reduce unnecessary traffic on Christine Avenue.
  • Delivered signal metering at the Robina Parkway and Laver Drive intersection to ease gridlock for westbound vehicles.
  • Accelerated the design of the much-needed Robina Town Centre and Laver Drive (Rocket) intersection signalisation.
  • Funded the installation of flashing lights at Robina State High School to reduce the risk of injury and accident.
  • Lobbied for a new comprehensive trial of Turn Left on Red to help ease congestion on local and State intersections.
  • Upgraded flood prone bus shelter on Cheltenham Drive

More in this year's budget

The City Budget 2018-19 and Division 11 Local Area Works Budget 2018-19 funds major road projects to improve safety and cut commuting times.

[Hermann Vorster] said many intersections had reached their capacity at peak hour and some had become “incredibly dangerous and completely gridlocked”.

“Robina is the geographic heart of the Gold Coast and right now its arteries are dangerously clogged,” he said.

Mr Vorster said a “fresh look is needed” at how future infrastructure is funded. Developers find legal loophole to avoid paying for infrastructure upgrades

14 December 2015, Gold Coast Bulletin