Our local budget

Initiatives in the Division 11 Local Area Works Budget 2018-19 and projects in the City Budget 2018-19 Capital Works Program delivers for Robina, Varsity Lakes and Burleigh Waters. It tackles crime, fixes roads, improves parks and helps the environment.

Action against thugs and hoons

Division 11 boasts the most significant CCTV deployment in suburban Gold Coast, deterring anti-social behavior and leading to real arrests. The network will receive an added boost with a fleet of relocatable cameras targeting hoons.

Hoon and thug CCTV

Robina Common CCTV expansion

“Everyone deserves to feel safe in their home — and in their own neighborhood.

This budget adds to record investment in CCTV by expanding our fleet of relocatable cameras.

Five new cameras will target hoons on our roads, and creeps in our parks.

That brings our total fleet to 35, all since my election only two years ago.

It honors my commitment to zero tolerance for all types of crime in our community.” Councillor Hermann Vorster

Fixing roads and intersections

“A growing population means more jobs and greater prosperity. But it is a serious risk to our lifestyle.

This budget builds on major road projects delivered in the last two years and will help ease worsening congestion around Robina Town Centre, the M1 and our Health Precinct.

Design work will make overdue projects ‘shovel ready’ and assist me to better pressure local developers.

We do not live in Western Sydney. So our roads shouldn’t feel like it.” Councillor Hermann Vorster

Christine Avenue reconstruction*

Classic Way reconstruction*

Disability Access Mattocks Rd and Bridgewater Ave*

'Rocket' intersection upgrade design*

Robina Parkway and Laver Drive upgrade*

Brier Crescent reconstruction*

Bus stop upgrades*

Disability Access Regensberg Close to Warbler Parade*

Robina Town Centre Dr and Scottsdale Dr upgrade design*

Ron Penhaligon Way guardrail renewal*

Flora Close reconstruction*

Ficus Street reconstruction*

Upgrading community facilities

The Division 11 Local Area Works Budget 2018-19 continues to invest in our outdoor lifestyle. Funds will renovate existing facilities and deliver new facilities in suburban parks. Volunteers are rewarded with a generous donations program and recognition at the biennial Community Hero Awards.

“With a growing population and limited open space, it is vital we make the most of our existing community assets.

This budget refurbishes ageing equipment, relocates assets where they will be better used, and invests in new facilities in vacant parks.

It also funds new active and healthy programs and water refill stations, to give more people, more opportunity to enjoy our great outdoors.

And there is another big boost for Frascott Park — and a grants program to support our P&Cs, veterans and service clubs.” Councillor Hermann Vorster

Robina City Parklands*

Robina Library Renovations*

Frascott Park Upgrades

Frascott Park Playground Renewal*

Varsity Community Centre Renovations*

New community sailing boats for Lake Orr

Varsity Foreshore Parklands Playground

New public toilets at Cheltenham Oval*

Robina Common Basketball Renovations

Water Refill Stations

Varsity Central Park Irrigation investigation

Division 11 Community Co-working Space

Divisional Donations

Active & Healthy

Community Hero Awards

Lake Orr Pontoon*

Events calendar

A yearlong events calendar will help lift community pride. Marquee events will be bigger and better. And smaller, regular events will inject more vibrancy and atmosphere in our commercial centres. Partnerships with schools, churches and service clubs mean bigger events at a lower cost to ratepayers.


Christmas Carols

Anzac Day Commemorations

Storyfest sponsorship

NYE Celebrations

Easter at Frascott

Movies under the Stars

Varsity Promenade Sunday Sessions

Springtime Eats

Autumn Time Eats

Varsity Summer Fair

Robina SS Christmas Fair

Town Hall meetings

“When Council does a better job at caring for public property — residents take more pride in their own.

These targeted renewal projects address sore points that detract from otherwise beautiful areas.

They are intended to restore the prestige with which Robina and Varsity Lakes were originally marketed.” Councillor Hermann Vorster

Tackling long term neglect

Division 11 is a beautiful, highly vegetated area. But it has been let down by lacklustre maintenance. While service standards have improved greatly, many pockets in the community require intensive remediation.

Markeri Street streetscape (asbestos removal)*

Newport Park renovations

Park Hill Estate landscaping

Gabriel's Park renovation

Robina Lions Club Park car park

Frascott Walkway beautification

Varsity Waters streetscaping

Restoring our environment

Caring for our local environment requires buy-in from everyone: schools, locals and Council. Divisional initiatives multiply the work of volunteers to make the biggest possible impact at the lowest possible cost to ratepayers.

NaurallyGC & Community plantings

Community clean ups

Fifty-thousand Bass for West Lake

Pest fishing competitions

“Our quality of life depends on the health of our natural areas — our wetlands, nature reserves and waterways.

This budget turbocharges local environmentalists, funding tree plantings, restoration works and litter pick-ups.

It also leverages the benefit of fishing by targeting pest species through competition.

Anglers and our ecosystem will benefit with 50,000 Australian Bass set for West Lake.

Renowned photographer Steve Parish will be invited to motivate the next generation to connect with our local environment.” Councillor Hermann Vorster

Interactive budget map

The Division 11 Local Area Works Budget 2018-19 lifts amenity and boosts safety right across the community. This interactive map shows where our investment is focused. Many initiatives — our investment in relocatable CCTV, for example — delivers benefits right across the community.

* Included in City Budget 2018-19 from ‘whole of city’ funds.
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