Boosting community safety

Hermann has zero-tolerance for anti-social behaviour. He has led campaigns to rid local parks of drugs, call for punitive penalties for vandals, and to stop violence on public transport.

His priorities include:


More CCTV in more places

Install more CCTV cameras in local parks and around public transport hubs.


Renovate parks to deter anti-social behaviour

Renovate more local parks to deter drug use and anti- social behaviour.


Boost funding for Neighbourhood Watch

Support community crime fighting that protects the reputation of our area.

Hermann’s track record


Expanded CCTV coverage

Installing fixed CCTV in Varsity Central Park, Market Square, Varsity Promenade, Varsity Skate Park, Robina Common, Riverwalk, and Frascott Park.


New relocatable cameras

Deploying relocatable CCTV at Coolibah Crescent, Cumberland Drive, Maidenhair Place, Robina Village, Varsity Foreshore Parklands, Varsity Parade Reserve, Robina Woods and Lake Orr Reserve.


Destroyed drug dens

Destroying drug dens along the heavy rail line and in parks such as Kerrydale Park, Jack Wilson Park, Varsity Central Park, Bayswater Reserve, Azzurra Island, Varsity Foreshore Parklands (island).

“Hermann Vorster is a Gold Coast City Councillor trying to shutdown the drug problem as soon as it emerges.”
Trouble in Paradise

16 November 2017, A Current Affair


Better lighting

Improving street, path and car park lighting along Bayswater Reserve, Glenside Drive, Robina Parkway, Frascott Park, Robina Common, Lake Lomandra Park and Varsity Foreshore Parklands.


Support for community crime fighting

Funded Robina Community Legal Centre, Neighbourhood Watch, Volunteers in Policing and Crime Stoppers.


Secured community clubs

Funded CCTV to deter anti-social behavior around the Gold Coast District Cricket Club and Kerrydale Park.

Funded CCTV to deter anti-social behaviour including vandalism and illegal dumping at the Gold Coast Junior Cricket Club at Cheltenham Oval.

Funded CCTV to protect volunteers at the Gold Coast Justices Association working at Robina Town Centre.

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