Boosting community safety

Councillor Hermann Vorster takes a zero tolerance approach to anti-social behavior. He has rolled out safety cameras, boosted funding to community crime fighters and personally dismantled drug dens in local parks.

New CCTV cameras

Drug dens eliminated

Recent highlights

  • Established a precinct-wide surveillance network in Central Park, Varsity Promenade and Market Square.
  • Secured $40,000 to clean out drug hovels on State-controlled land along the heavy rail line and deployed CCTV.
  • Deployed relocatable CCTV cameras to deter thugs and vandals targeting Robina Village.
  • Installed CCTV cameras in Robina Common to deter drug users, vandals, thieves, bullies and arsonists.
  • Installed CCTV throughout Frascott Park to deter vandals, hoons, lewd behaviour and drug dealers.
  • Installed four CCTV cameras at the Varsity Lakes skate park to target vandals and bullies.
  • Secured funding for covert CCTV cameras to target vandals and suburban hoons terrorizing residential streets.
  • Funded CCTV to deter anti-social behavior around the Gold Coast District Cricket Club and Kerrydale Park.
  • Funded CCTV to protect volunteers at the Gold Coast Justices Association working at Robina Town Centre.
  • Personally exposed, cleaned-up or destroyed drug dens in Kerrydale Park, Jack Wilson Park, Central Park, Bayswater Reserve, Azzurra Island, and on Lake Orr.
  • Boosted funding to Neighbourhood Watch, Crime Stoppers and Volunteers in Policing for local safety interventions.
  • Funded Gold Coast Neighbourhood Watch Connection Day to boost crime fighting initiatives across the Gold Coast.
  • Secured emergency funding to keep the Robina Community Legal Centre afloat and serving the most vulnerable in the community.

More in this year's budget

The City Budget 2018-19 and Division 11 Local Area Works Budget 2018-19 funds another major expansion of safety cameras to target hoons and emerging threats.

“Hermann Vorster is a Gold Coast City Councillor trying to shutdown the drug problem as soon as it emerges.” Trouble in Paradise

16 November 2017, A Current Affair

The shocking nature of the daylight attacks has led Cr Vorster to ask the council to create a buffer zone around the running track.

“We were looking at some ways we can eliminate risk and it is definitely worthwhile doing a massive maintenance intervention in that park,’ he said.

“We will remove all the exotic and noxious weeds in a 10m area of that path.” Council to create a buffer around Varsity Lakes running track after attacks on joggers

29 January 2018,