Delivering for our community

Councillor Hermann Vorster delivers on his commitments. Since his election in 2015, our community has benefited from: major road upgrades; widespread deployment of safety cameras; new sporting facilities; and better maintenance of parks and open space.

I am committed to protecting the lifestyle we expect — and deserve. Growth must be supported by adequate infrastructure. And we need to take better care of the open space and facilities we already enjoy. Councillor Hermann Vorster.

More CCTV cameras

Safety audits


Cheaper public transport

Upgraded bus stops

Intersection upgrades

New traffic cameras

More trees

More native fish

Boosting community safety

  • Established a precinct-wide surveillance network in Central Park, Varsity Promenade and Market Square.
  • Deployed relocatable CCTV cameras to deter thugs and vandals targeting Robina Village.
  • Installed CCTV cameras in Robina Common to deter drug users, vandals, thieves, bullies and arsonists.
  • Installed CCTV throughout Frascott Park to deter vandals, hoons, lewd behavior and drug dealers.
  • Installed four CCTV cameras at the Varsity Lakes skate park to target vandals and bullies.
  • Secured funding for covert CCTV cameras to target vandals and suburban hoons terrorizing residential streets.
  • Funded CCTV to deter anti-social behavior around the Gold Coast District Cricket Club and Kerrydale Park.
  • Funded CCTV to protect volunteers at the Gold Coast Justices Association working at Robina Town Centre.
  • Personally exposed, cleaned-up or destroyed drug dens in Kerrydale Park, Jack Wilson Park, Central Park, Bayswater Reserve, and on Lake Orr.
  • Boosted funding to Neighborhood Watch, Crime Stoppers and Volunteers in Policing for local safety interventions.
  • Funded Gold Coast Neighborhood Watch Connection Day to boost crime fighting initiatives across the Gold Coast.
  • Secured emergency funding to keep the Robina Community Legal Centre afloat and serving the most vulnerable in the community.

“TWENTY CCTV cameras have been installed along a busy Varsity Lakes road two years after a daylight brawl between bikie gangs armed with baseball bats.

Scattered across Lake Street and Varsity Parade and the area’s CBD, Cr Hermann Vorster hopes the CCTV cameras will deter any gang violence, arson, drug dealers and thugs.”

20 CCTV cameras installed throughout Gold Coast CBD and suburb

22 December 2017, Gold Coast Bulletin

Easing traffic congestion

  • Lead a successful campaign to reduce public transport fares by an average of 30 per cent across the Gold Coast.
  • Successfully lobbied the State Government to provide additional permanent spaces at the Varsity Station park and ride.
  • Accelerated the signalisation of the Christine Avenue and Scottsdale Drive (Masters) intersection to ease congestion and provide safe pedestrian access.
  • Lobbied the State Government to address long running safety and congestion issues at the intersection of Bermuda Street and Christine Avenue (Christine Corner).
  • Oversaw the signalisation of the Cottesloe Drive and University Drive intersection to ease congestion and improve safety.
  • Constructed a dedicated turning lane into Beauty Point Drive from Ron Penhaligon Way to ease congestion and reduce the risk of rear ending.
  • Upgraded the Cheltenham Drive and Robina Parkway intersection to increase westbound turning capacity.
  • Installed traffic monitoring cameras at the intersections of: Markeri Street and Robina Parkway; Christine Avenue and Scottsdale Drive; Laver Drive and Cheltenham Drive; and Robina Parkway and Laver Drive to reduce unnecessary queuing.
  • Refurbished traffic signals at: Robina Parkway and Markeri Street; Assembly Drive and Varsity Parade; and Bayswater Avenue and Scottsdale Drive to reduce queuing and the risk of accident.
  • Secured one of only four trial sites for the Gold Coast bike sharing initiative serving Bond University and Varsity Lakes.
  • Delivered a secure storage facility for bicycles and scooters at the Varsity College senior campus to boost active school travel.
  • Upgraded the drop off area at Varsity College junior campus to reduce unnecessary traffic on Christine Avenue.
  • Delivered signal metering at the Robina Parkway and Laver Drive intersection to ease gridlock for westbound vehicles.
  • Accelerated the design of the much-needed Robina Town Centre and Laver Drive (Rocket) intersection signalisation.
  • Funded the installation of flashing lights at Robina State High to reduce the risk of injury and accident.
  • Lobbied for a new comprehensive trial of Turn Left on Red to help ease congestion on local and State intersections.
  • Upgraded flood prone bus shelter on Cheltenham Drive


Keeping rates low

  • Successfully lobbied to abolish pet registration fees for local seniors and pensioners.



Restoring our natural environment

  • Secured $10,000 for the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary to treat sick and injured wildlife from Division 11.
  • Personally constructed temporary fencing to protect nesting black swans from dog attacks.
  • Erected advisory signage asking motorists to take care of crossing wildlife at Lake Lomandra and across Robina Parkway.
  • Created new wetlands in Robina for frog and bird habitat – and to improve water quality in the Mudgeeraba Creek catchment.
  • Funded publication of Birds of the Gold Coast to engender greater appreciation of natural areas across the Gold Coast.
  • Hosted National Tree Day celebrations in local schools to increase native planting in local gardens and foster care of our natural areas.
  • Removed noxious weeds, poisoned exotic grasses and planted 5000 new trees at the Varsity Lakes Wetland to improve water quality and support swamp wallabies.
  • Secured the Gold Coast’s Biggest Tree Planting Day at Robina City Parklands, planting 10,000 native plants.
  • Co-ordinated annual Clean Up Australia Day, Robina Spring Clean, and rubbish collection events to rid the area of litter and illegal dumping.
  • Adopted a policy of replacing dead and dying trees with healthy equivalents to preserve habitat and canopy cover.


Upgrading parks and facilities

  • Installed new field lighting at Robina Common to support the two-fold expansion of players at Robina City Soccer Club.
  • Installed lighting throughout the Robina Common car park to improve pedestrian safety and deter anti-social behavior.
  • Constructed a permanent stage on the Varsity Promenade to support the delivery of more events, more often at a lower cost.
  • Delivered a free outdoor gym at Central Park with substantial shade, nighttime lighting, a refurbished basketball court and safety cameras.
  • Delivered significant upgrades at Frascott Park including: a doubling of car parking; a lit pedestrian corridor; seven CCTV cameras; a basketball court refurbishment; new picnic shelters; additional seating; more shade trees and new foot paths.
  • Addressed longstanding drainage problems in the large dog enclosure at the Frascott Park off leash dog enclosure.
  • Funded new slip resistant floor coverings and energy saving initiatives at Sports House to improve safety and running costs.
  • Revived the divisional Christmas Carols; introduced Easter at Frascott; presented live music and food trucks on the Varsity Lake Foreshore Parklands; secured funding for Symphony by the Lake; launched New Years celebrations; and four annual Movies under the Stars.
  • Funded earthworks at Robina Lions Club Park to address drainage issues and water inundation of the playground area.
  • Refurbished and replaced dilapidated playgrounds throughout Varsity Sound
  • Upgraded Bayswater Reserve to lift amenity, increase the amount of enjoyable open space and deter anti-social behaviour.
  • Installed new drinking fountains and water bottle refilling stations at Varsity College junior campus oval and Robina Common.
  • Delivered clubhouse upgrades at Robina City Soccer Club including improved kitchen ventilation, security screens and a shade sail.
  • Co-funded construction of a new memorial path at Elsie Laver Park to support Mudgeeraba Robina RSL Sub-branch Inc.
  • Renovated walkway gardens linking Hindmarsh Court to Kidman Street

Tackling neglect

  • Restored the neglected Lone Pine War Memorial at Orpheus Park — and renamed the park to Lone Pine Park.
  • Renovated the Varsity Lakes entry statement at the intersection of Varsity Parade and Christine Avenue.
  • Funded repairs to the entry statement to Varsity Sound.
  • Funded extensive garden renovations at Riverwalk to lift amenity and restore prestige to the estate.
  • Pushed for punitive fees and charges to deal with abandoned shopping trolleys littering parks, roads and waterways.
  • Removed noxious weeds and rehabilitated the creek surrounding the local cricket ground.
  • Renovated gardens at the entrance to Robina State School to enhance street appeal and boost community pride.


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