Protecting our lifestyle

Councillor Hermann Vorster at Robina Police Station

Boosting safety

Hermann has secured record investment in local CCTV and improved lighting in parks and near public transport. He has zero tolerance for vandals and anti-social behaviour.

Councillor Hermann Vorster inspecting roadworks

Tackling congestion

Hermann has upgraded major intersections and secured Council support for better longterm planning. He champions better pedestrian facilities and public transport.

Councillor Hermann Vorster at the new Frascott Park Playground

Better parks

Hermann has renovated parks and upgraded playgrounds. The first stage of the Green Heart will be delivered in Robina, the first destination parkland for the area.

Councillor Hermann Vorster at Robina Police Station

Natural restoration

Hermann has restored natural areas and championed mass tree planting programs. Water quality has improved too with mass fish releases.

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